Red Buses of Glacier National Park Restored with Crystal Clear®

Smooth-On's Crystal Clear™ Resins (CC 200, 202, 204, 206, & 220) have been used for years to create water-clear sculpture castings. But these resins are also used to make prototypes and industrial design / display castings all over the world.

A recent Crystal Clear™ industrial application involved Ford Motor Company's restoration of "The Red Buses Of Glacier National Park" in Montana. The fleet of 33 buses, originally built in 1930 to transport tourists through Glacier National Park, fell into a state of disrepair and was retired in 1999. Ford contracted TDM Company (Livonia, MI) to do the restoration work and TDM used Crystal Clear™ resin to make replacement lenses and corner lights for the buses because replacement lenses are non-existent. Allen Millisor of TDM used Mold Max™ silicone rubber to make molds of existing lenses and Crystal Clear™ resin to cast the pieces stating that, "these materials helped us avoid expensive tooling on the project."