How To Make a Fake Flexible Crowbar


In this tutorial video, Milo shows how you can use KX Flex™ 90 fast setting urethane elastomer to create flexible, impact resistant props. KX Flex™ 90 is a fast setting two-component urethane that cures quickly to a semi-rigid, highly impact resistant elastomer.

KX Flex™ 90 is off-white when cured, which makes this plastic very easy to color using SO-Strong™, UVO™ or IGNITE™ colorants. KX Flex™ 90 has a pot life of 3 minutes and handling time of 20 minutes.

With a Shore value of 90A, this semi-rigid plastic is used for a variety of applications including fast mold making, fast model duplication, prototyping, durable miniatures, props and special effects, or making parts that are impact resistant. Fully cured castings are tough and durable.