How To Create a Breakaway Glass Freezer Door for a Horror Film


Filming the horror flick Laid To Rest on the grounds of a former asylum for the criminally insane presented a host of challenges for F/X artist Eric Porn.

Problem?  One shot required the film’s murderous maniac to smash his face through a freezer window pane in pursuit of his next victim.  Many panes were needed in a hurry.

Solution? Smooth-On’s SMASH!® Plastic breakaway glass.

SMASH!® Plastic allowed Eric and his crew to quickly recreate the breakaway panes needed to keep the night’s shooting schedule on time and on budget.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • Mold Max 30
  • Fast Cat
  • SMASH Plastic
  • Mixing Containers
  • Mixing Sticks
  • Accurate Gram Scale

Step 1: Preparing, Dispensing, Mixing and Pouring Mold Max 30

F/X artist Eric Porn secures a kevlar panel to a base and constructs mold box walls using paint sticks and glue. Mold Max 30® Part A and Fast Cat® catalyst are measured and mixed together. The fast catalyst helps mold rubber cure under cool conditions. Because there is no vacuuming equipment available to de-gas the Mold Max® silicone rubber, Eric pours it from an exaggerated height ,forming a long stream to pull air bubbles out.

Step 2: Demolding and Post-Curing Mold Max 30

Mold Max™ 30 mold is peeled away from the plastic pane model. Because the mold is fresh, resin poured into it now would be inhibited and result in a sticky, gummy surface. Since time is money, the mold is placed in a hot box with a heater for post curing. A thermometer monitors the temperature. See Smooth-On TB for making hotbox. The mold is leveled on a table lined with disposable plastic sheeting.

Step 3: Casting SMASH! Plastic

Part A of Smooth-On's SMASH!® Plastic is poured into the measuring container. An equal amount of Part B is measured out and the two parts are mixed. The SMASH!® Plastic is poured into one corner of the mold and allowed to seek its own level.

Step 4: Demolding and Installing of SMASH! Plastic

At least 3 people are needed for demold as the plastic is pulled and the mold falls away from the SMASH! Plastic window pane. The piece is ready for breaking, and must be handled carefully. The piece is installed into a transportable frame and moved into the set, where Eric inspects it before filming the shot.