Arcana Workshop Brings to Life Xenomorph with Smooth‑On Products

Arcana Workshop Brings to Life Xenomorph with Smooth-On Products

There is a new creature roaming the halls of Smooth-On Inc. Headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It stands seven feet tall, has razor sharp teeth, and was created using 24 different Smooth-On materials.

Mike Turner of Arcana Workshop recently delivered this mind-blowing sculpture of the Xenomorph from the Alien movie franchise. Mike strategically crafted the Xenomorph in multiple parts, allowing for the figure to be taken apart and reassembled easily, making its commute to trade shows and events more effective and efficient.

For this project, Mike used the following products:

Some of the Smooth-On materials used:

A long-time Smooth-On customer, Mike is no stranger to creating larger-than-life sculptures. In fact, Smooth-On Inc. headquarters is home to many of his figures. To see more of Mike’s work currently residing at Smooth-On, click here.

For more information on Mike and Arcana Workshop, please visit his website at: .